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The nostalgia of the 90’s is hard to beat. Every generation seems to have a few classics that need to be seen. One of the best ways to do it is to go to a nostalgia night. A way to celebrate where we were as a culture. This time of year seems to be especially rich with opportunities for fun. We found several retro events going on and enjoyed attending this one from Medieval Times in Colorado.

The show was incredible and the act was clearly put together with love. The place was overrun with people and they had a huge HD screen in the middle of the large arena to watch the action. They did a fantastic job of setting the scene. There were two couples doing the fighting, dressed in period costume, that were really spectacular. The swordsmanship and action were choreographed and performed to perfection. They changed costume and weapons many times throughout the show. One couple was heavily armed with daggers and another a rapier and poniard.

The opening act was more of the same. Much of the show centered around the dancers. The sets were stunning, the costumes were amazing, and the dancers were very well trained and talented. They had the dancers come out in superhero style costumes, and they truly blew the crowd away. The theater was huge and could not have been more packed.

As we made our way to our seats, we decided to take in the backstage area. One of the most intriguing things there were actual swords and armor from the medieval era. There were even belts used by medieval knights. There were also a fair number of swords. This was truly a sight to see.

When we sat down, the atmosphere was electric. The female lead singer took the stage right away. She was very much in character.

The show started with the dance team. There were four women. Two wore armor and were dressed in what looked like the same armor as the band. They were gorgeous. The other two were dressed in bikinis and were very talented. The costumes on the stage really made the set. It was just stunning.

The music was great, and there were three distinct acts for the band. Each act had some fantastic, well trained dancers on stage. They really got the crowd going. When the couple hit the dance floor, they were extremely talented. They really were impressive.

The show was a lot of fun. We could not get enough of the show. It was awesome to see

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