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iTunes new app: Is it possible to use an existing.ipa file on the windows device

I’m developing new iOS apps using xcode 4.
I created my apps and got everything ready for submission.
However when Apple wants me to fill out the new app form I get a notice that my apps are no longer supported.
I’m wondering if it’s possible to just create a new app and point to my previous one.
Has anyone done this before?
Thank you in advance.


Yes it’s possible, just add all the new/required field changes in the appinfo.plist (for new apps) and resubmit. You can use the same app bundle you’ve used till now.


Insert text into Files textarea with multiple tabs

I have a huge csv file that I want to split into multiple files, splitting on the column headers. However, I also want to add text to the first line of each file.
I’m able to achieve the creation of files with my loop, but adding the text in the first line doesn’t work.
I’ve only been able to insert text into the file input fields, but not into the textarea in the’myFiles’ div.
I’ve tried to do something like:
$(‘#myFileText’).parent().append(‘text to insert into file’ );

But it’s not working.
Here’s the full code:
$(‘#myFileText’).parent().append(‘text to insert into file’);

$(‘.add’).click(function() {

var cells = [‘filename’, ‘user1’, ‘user2’, ‘user3